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Army of God Series

My worldview for this series is this: 1) everything in the Bible is true, and 2) all of the miracles from the Old and New Testament are still possible through my modern day disciples. This view is promoted in the first two books of this series, “The Faith Healer” and “The Wanderer.” It will be a theme of my third book, “The Missionary” which I am currently writing.



Missing in Action: A Family Saga

Mike Saunders was only four when his father’s B-52 crew crashed into a mountain in North Vietnam. He vowed that he would one day find his father. Years later, Mike is assigned as military liaison to a team that will search the crash site. Artifacts abound, but where are the remains? Do the local villagers know more than they are revealing? And what about the beautiful, but mysterious young woman whom Mike finds so enchanting? Mike is determined to locate the missing crew, but will he succeed before the approaching monsoons put a halt to the search? Missing in Action: A Family Saga is the story of one’s man’s quest to restore honor to those whom America has forgotten.

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Army of God: The Wanderer

Joseph Sandalwood is Good Samaritan, always willing to lend a hand regardless of the circumstances. But one day, the situation gets out of hand, and Joseph takes the fall. Branded a “cop killer” Joseph chooses to run from the law, rather than face capital murder charges for simply defending himself.

Alone in the wilderness, he prays to a God that he doesn’t believe in. To his surprise, God sends an answer in the form of two messengers – Gabriel the angel and Elijah the prophet. Joseph has a choice: he can continue running aimlessly from the law, or he can become a servant of God. Joseph chooses the latter.

Endowed with certain spiritual gifts, Joseph must roam the highways and byways preaching to lost souls and living off the land. If called upon, he must be prepared to take on special assignments.

Joseph’s travels lead him to a place called Zion, a community that lives apart from the world, under the leadership of their prophet Bradiken Strong. But Joseph discovers that he has fallen in with a polygamous cult, and those who question the prophet have a habit of disappearing.

When Joseph challenges Bradiken Strong, he is arrested, tried, and sentenced to death. The stage is set for a showdown between Joseph, a true prophet of God; and Bradiken Strong the false prophet.

ISBN: 978-1-4661-0060-2;     ASIN: B005SLK5E2

Army of God: The Faith Healer

Richard Van Geisen is a self-centered playboy until his overbearing personality leads to a tragic accident that takes the life of his chauffeur. In his search for forgiveness, he encounters an angel who bestows upon him spiritual gifts, including the ability to see the condition of other peoples’ bodies and souls. He becomes a servant of God, healing the sick and witnessing to the lost.
ISBN: 978-1-4661-3440-9; ASIN: B005RG44FO

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